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Similar to Yahoo and LinkedIn, Quora is a leading Q&A website on the web today, where content is generated specifically by its user community. Quora was co-founded in 2010 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Quora gets around 100 million monthly visitors.

How To Use Quora :

Quora Set Up

Quora helps you to know more about something related your query, also getting answers to mostly problems.

Quora Advertising

Quora Ads

Well!! When it comes to Digital Advertising, First thing comes to your mind is Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, etc. obviously Quora is not the first advertising platform you think of. Because most people have not been aware that you can also run ads here, they only know Quora as a platform for asking questions and connecting with people and get a quick and easy crowd sourced content.

Now, after 7 years Quora finally launched its own Advertising tool for ads in June 2010(Quora Advertising), but the ads are still in beta testing.

How to Set Up Your First Ad Campaign on Quora

Step 1: Create your campaign

First Setup Quora Ads account to click on a “+Create Campaign” button on the top right corner.

Create Campaign

Step 2: Add Campaign Settings

Next step is to complete your campaign settings. Where you will fill the name of your campaign, choose an objective, set a budget, set a schedule.

Quora First Ad Campaign

Step 3: Create an Ad Set

A) Provide Ad Set a name, so that you can differentiate between different goals.

Ad Set Name

B) Select Target for which topics, locations, and devices. Quora also gives you questions and locations to exclude which is great for detailed targeting.

select targeting

C) Quora suggests a bid based on your budget and targeting. You can also take an experiment with the bid to understand the Quora Algorithm.

Set a budget

Step 4: Create a New Ad

If you’ve written text ads before then in this step you won’t face any difficulty. It is totally similar to another platform like, ppc ads, Facebook ads, with a slight difference in character counts and policies.

Here are the character limits that must be adhered to by all advertisers:

  • Headline Sentence: Maximum of 65 characters
  • Body Text: Maximum of 105 characters
  • Display URL: Maximum of 30 characters

create a new ad

Let’s go through some basic guidelines and the Ads text settings, that everyone should know about while advertising on Quora:

  • Correct capitalization must be used at all times.
  • Capitalization is allowed for common acronyms, abbreviations, or initialisms.
  • Unnecessary capitalization is not permitted.
  • Strikethroughs, italics, bold, underlines, and emojis are not allowed.
  • Use of ellipses is not permitted
  • Ad copies/text cannot include links
  • Landing page and Destination URLs should function properly.
  • URLs should not automatically start a download or trigger a pop-up
  • URLs Should lead to a page owned by your company.

Once you are happy with the Ad text, add your billing details and complete your order with Quora.

Now, You are all set to launch your first Quora Advertisement.

Use Quora to Help Your Business

Quora motive is to share everything you want to know about. Quora’s main focus is to provide their users the easiest place to write new content and share content from the web. We organize people and their interests so you can find, collect and share the information most valuable to you. Quora can provide a monitoring platform for your business where you share information related to your business.

Use Quora to Help Your Business

Below are ways your company can benefit from using Quora.

Business Reputation: When someone posted any question and topic related to business, start threads for areas you sell an expertise in, and stay engaged. You should always be a part of the conversations in your industry. This is how you can build business reputation, using the monitoring platform for your business , provided by Quora.

Brand Awareness: It is very important for a brand, the more you share and participate within your network, the higher gets the chance of more people knowing your business. As you know,  Quora is gaining a lot of attention among the users and small-business, for its unique social sharing features combined with the question-and-answer format that enables easy communication between users to build a presence.

Customer Interaction: Quora is a user friendly interface, allow users to use your real name, mention your business, and have a full, succinct profile. Start answering the questions that you are notified that they are following. You could also give loyalty recognition or establish some sort of deeper relationship with users who contribute to the forums.

Do Market Research:  As per marketing perspective, Quora is about being authoritative on a subject, and building relationships over the course of multiple questions with the people who share similar interests. Quora also offers a platform for soliciting feedback for use in product design, marketing or other strategies.


Quora is truly a useful question answer site. You can build solid relationship with the relevant audience. It is a best way to establish brand expertise and easily connect with with the people in your niche. Also, you can connect with the users that are actively searching for products or services, by answering questions and topics. You can use Quora to increase your knowledge, build rapport with users, and indirectly promote yourself and your business can benefit you immensely. In this way you can build yourself as a brand.

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