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Blogging is one of the small procedures in SEO process, which helps in increasing the ranking of the websites over the search engines. More than this, it provides the relevant information to the readers about the products, services, industry and many other things.

There are four different types of blogs, which we can take as the examples.  These blogs include:

Website Blogs: The websites blogs are the types, which are written for the business websites. Many websites consist of the blog space on which the webmasters submit the blog posts. The best example of such posts is the one that you are reading at this moment. The website blogs are useful in two ways. First, they provide the relevant information about different aspects of industries, some updates about the company, information about products & services, info about the concept related to the services and a lot more. Another thing is that every website needs fresh content. If the fresh content is posted over the website raking, it maintains the ranking of a website over the search engines and helps in increasing the visibility. There are two ways by which the fresh content can be given to the website. First, you can change the content of the website. But, it is not a good idea to change the content of a website on daily or weekly basis. It can cause many other side effects. But, if the website blog is posted regularly or after regular intervals, then your website gets the fresh content on the regular basis. So, the website gets the benefit of the fresh content.

External Blogs by Website Owners: The website owners or webmasters also post the blogs on some external blog spaces with the links to the websites. The hyperlinks are made over the popular phrases in the internet searches. These phrases are known as keywords. It becomes helpful for your website to get a good rank over the search engines.

User Blogs: The visitors who visit your website or who purchase your products can also write the blogs about your business, products or services with the experiences they face in the blog spaces available at different places over internet. These blogs are the types of reviews of your products or services. The blogs with positive reviews of your websites can also provide a good ranking to your website and good promotion to your enterprise.

Guest Blogs: You can also request some other webmasters to write the blogs to be posted on their websites, or the webmasters impressed with your blog can also invite you for writing the posts. Similarly, you can also give place to other bloggers on your websites. It is called guest blogging and it is also supposed to be very helpful for the promotion of your website.

All these types of blogs have their own roles in promotions. Apart from them, some small texts can also be taken as the small forms of blogs, which are helpful in the ranking of the websites as-well-as for making the people aware about different products or services. Some small reviews over many websites are the perfect examples in this regard. On the other hand, the written texts over the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are also the small forms of blogs, which inform the people about various things, plus promote the website in their own ways.

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