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When you are managing an online platform, it is your responsibility to understand the SEO techniques effectively. Yes, it is the SEO, which will improve your visibility on the search engines. Look, every single day, thousands of web portals are submitted to the search engine. In such conditions, it is very difficult to ensure good visibility on the Internet. But by implementing ethical SEO techniques with your website, it is really feasible to withstand all the competitions and to ensure proper visibility on the first page of Search engine result.

What are Ethical SEO techniques?

In order to track the SEO techniques, Google’s webmaster has designed specific criteria and regulations. To enhance your page ranking and visibility on the search engines, you have to optimize the keywords associated with your web portal as per the webmaster regulations only. Well, such SEO techniques are termed ethical SEO methods.

It is very safe to implement the ethical SEO strategies on the web portals, as there are no restrictions maintained by Google. But if you are not following the regulations set by Google webmaster, then there are high chances, the webmaster may degrade your page ranking as well as visibility on the Internet. This type of SEO technique is termed Black Hat SEO techniques.

It has been observed that the individuals nowadays don’t have much patience in waiting for the organic SEO results. Thus, they are opting for Black Hat SEO techniques in order to ensure quick results. But the Black HAT SEO techniques are not reliable, as it’s for sure that, Google webmaster will penalize your website. Again, it’s true that the ethical or organic SEO strategies take some time to optimize the keywords in an effective manner.

But in this case, the results are very impressive and lead to long-term visibility. Thus, it is strictly recommended to avail Ethical SEO techniques only. Look, everyone is here to represent their online presence, and it’s justified to manage the competition in a fair manner. This is the reason, why Google has introduced the ethical SEO techniques.

Ethical SEO techniques for on-page SEO optimization

Remember, if someone is assuring you visibility on the first page of search engine, just within some days, then there are high chances that, Black Hat SEO techniques have been used. Thus, you need to stay alert in such situations. In order to make you aware of the ethical SEO techniques, below here some important SEO techniques have been discussed. Note- These SEO techniques can greatly boost the organic search position as well as the visibility of your website.

  • Optimize the Headlines and Title tags –

According to Google’s algorithm, your titles tags will be visible on the search engine result pages as Headlines. So, when the user will hit the keywords related to your website, the search engine will start showing the details of your web pages. Here, headlines will be the first thing, which the users will notice on your website.

Thus, it is highly recommended to create attractive and impelling title tags for your web pages. Starting from E-commerce websites to business websites, everywhere you will find the importance of Title tags. In order to ensure proper visibility of your headlines, it is suggested to restrict the headlines within 55 characters only. Thus, your entire headline content will be now visible to the users.

Remember, the way you set your Headline will determine the amount of traffic visiting your website as well as the ratio of click-through rates. Indeed, optimizing the title tags is one of the main tasks associated with Ethical SEO techniques. In case, you are confused in creating the headlines, you can take the help of reliable Headline development tools.

  • Focus on Single Topic contents –

When you create contents, make sure that your contents or posts are focused on single topics. For example, if you are writing an article about the “Prime minister of India”, then you need to maintain the content, as per that only. But if you are including unnecessary information regarding different topics in that particular content, then the users will start to divert from your content.

Again, Google’s crawler will get confused in determining the objective of your content. And hence, you may lose ranking as well as traffic to your website. This is the reason, why the digital marketing experts greatly recommend creating contents with a single topic. When you are creating content, you need to develop the title tag as per the tone of the content.

It is also suggested to add subheadings related to the information in the content. Look, the easier it will be for Google to determine the type and objective of your article/post, the better it will rank your web page. So, never try to confuse the users as well as Google in determining the topic of contents.

  • Be more creative with your articles –

Simply writing contents and posting articles seems to be pretty traditional. Nowadays, the users don’t prefer to read the entire articles, if they don’t find anything interesting in that. In such situations, your web page may face high bounce rates, which will highly degrade your rankings on search engine.

The experts highly recommend designing the contents with rich media like videos, infographics, illustrations, podcasts, photographs, and others. This will enhance the engagements of users and hence, they will spend more time on your web pages. Google’s algorithm always tracks the time spent by the users on the web pages, and accordingly rank the web pages.

So, by adding rich media elements to your contents can greatly improve your engagements as well as ranking on the search engines. Apart from this, the media components will also ensure you good backlinks from different online portals. Thus, you can also expect some good traffic from the media elements.

  • Create Longer articles and posts –

Google loves articles maintained with proper information, and accordingly rank the web pages. Look, every time the user hits the search engine with a keyword or question, he/she is desperately looking for genuine answers.

In such conditions, if your article manages to provide the best information or solution to the user, then it will greatly enhance the engagements with your articles and posts. When you are planning to create articles or posts for your web pages, make sure that you have got every necessary information regarding the topic. This will make the contents longer, and will also ensure good interactions.

  • Provide the sitemap of your website –

If you really want to enhance your ranking on the search engines, then you need to submit the sitemap to your website. When Google’s crawler starts crawling through the contents of your website, the sitemap is the first thing, which the crawler will notice.

The crawler will start crawling through your entire site by using the sitemap, and hence proper indexing of all the WebPages is ensured. Sometimes, the users also prefer to use the sitemaps to find necessary contents or services. Thus, you can effectively ensure good ranking of your web pages.

  • Map the Social Media platforms with your web pages –

At present, social media platforms greatly drive good traffic to the web pages. Again, when you link your social media to the web pages, it improves the reliability of your website, and thus users show genuine trust on your contents. Even Google will also rank your pages more frequently because of social media presence. Thus, mapping social media platforms with the web pages is the best way to manage ethical SEO techniques.

  • Use internal links to promote the inner pages –

When a user is interacting with your contents, you have the liberty to divert the interest of users to other attractive contents on your website. You can simply use internal links in your articles or blogs and can drive the users to other posts.

In this way, the users will get to know about your products and services, and again, the engagements will be impressive. Google will notice the time spent by the users on your website, and will start ranking your web pages accordingly. Well, the simplest logic to improve page ranking is to engage the users with your contents for as long as you can.

  • Create User friendly URLs –

It has been observed that, the website owners don’t pay much attention towards the URLs. Sometimes, the URLs contain anonymous letters, symbols, and numbers. In such cases, the users find it difficult to judge the content of the web page, and hence they get confused.

It is recommended not to use such URLs for your web pages. Instead, you should create user friendly URLs with proper name. It will be easier for Google to determine the contents of your web pages, and thus, it will drive good traffic to your website.

So, these are some of the ethical SEO techniques, which can help you in boosting the search position of your website. You can consult with the experts to grab more information regarding the ethical SEO techniques.

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