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If it is said to be name the king of the internet sites, then it will be difficult to think about the name other than Google. This is an 18 years old company started in 1998, which prominently began its work as a search engine. It has gained a huge success and today, we find a number of free and paid services other than search engines from Google such as social media platform (Google+), Google Analytics, video platform (YouTube), documents sharing (Google Docs & Google Drive) and a lot more. But, as a search engine also, it is most successful today as compared to the other engines on the websites.

Basis of Google Search and the Algorithm Fundamental

Searching through Google is based on some algorithms. The algorithms give marks to the websites. The marks are given to the websites on different bases, which may be website design, content quality, number of visitors, number of back links (links of the websites on other sites) and more. On the basis of these marks, Google makes your website visible over the search engines. The search engine ranking is highly dependent upon these marks.

SEO in Picture with Search Engine Ranking

When it was observed that the websites come on the top ranking on the basis of certain rules, the SEO, stands for Search Engine Optimization was discovered. Under the SEO process, some procedures are followed in order to take the website on top search results.

Misuse of SEO

After SEO was discovered, its misuse was also started by many individuals and business units. They started manipulating SEO and taking the websites on the top results in the wrong ways. Hundreds of back links was one of the wrong ways they had used. It is known as link spam today. Sometimes, the back links were also created in the bad quality content or in the unrelated content. This is why the undeserving websites started coming on the top results.

Google Updates Begun to Cease Misuse

Soon, the misuse caught the attention of Google authorities. So, some updates were launched in the algorithms, which started penalizing the undeserving the websites and stopping the link spam and other wrong methods. Penguin updates and Panda updates are the prominent updates, which came into the picture.

Penguin Updates

The penguin updates soon gained the huge attention. Till today, 7 penguin updates have been launched. The first update was launched on April 24, 2012. Thereafter, the updates were released on May 26, 2012; October 5, 2012; May 22, 2013; October 4, 2013; October 17, 2014; and December 1, 2014. The latest update of Penguin, known as Penguin 4.0, has been launched recently on September 23, 2016.

Panda Updates

The panda updates were launched to penalize the websites. Google Panda was first released on February 2011. A slow rollout of panda update was released on July 18, 2015.All these updates affected the ranking of many websites. The undeserving websites were penalized, and the deserving websites came at the top place. Google is still in the process to launch new updates.

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