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In in this modern world, the engineering and technology is evolving at a great speed. This development has to lead the developers to create Artificial Intelligence.  The AI technology is something where the scientists convert human intelligence into machine or technology or develop some technology which concrete intelligence itself. Its features and characteristic have greatly affected the human’s daily life for some years. The Artificial Intelligence is now an important part of human life, but till now most of the people do not have any idea about it.

Many movies have shown that the AI is an enemy of the society and it is some message for the human. Even though the AI has very negative impacts, still its contribution to business and security can’t be neglected. Since some few years, it has been changed the marketing and business environment.

The Artificial Intelligence and its approach toward Social Media Marketing

It has impacted a major platform for marketing, i.e., Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing, at this time, is one of the most important and effective platforms of modern marketing for every type of business houses. That’s why the importance of AI in this platform is growing day by day, and it is also now creating a revolution in social media marketing.

Some say that one-day artificial intelligence will rule over the world and it will change the business environment and its work culture. It seems that it is really happening because now every organization depends upon the Artificial Intelligence. They have changed the approach of modern social media marketing style.

  • Introduction of Slack Bot

Slack Bot, a software which comes with the Artificial Intelligence and through its analysis capability it can carry out the guesswork out of the social media marketing.  Sack Bot is a useful tool and gives flowing benefits.

It eliminates the manual process of data analysis. Now it can evaluate data and can give more accurate analysis result without taking much time.

When analyzing some content, it can help in that.  By analyzing the data, Slack Bot can predict the chances of success for the posted content.

It helps in decision making. Slack Bot can find a similar post on social media and analyze the success rate of that post so that the firm can develop a post accordingly.

  • Customer service and Artificial Intelligence

Many companies have been started to adopt the Artificial Intelligence in their customer service. There is no doubt that time will come when the AI will answer the call and will also solve the quires of the customers, and they will be placed in place of human customer care executives.

As per a research, now most of the customers are no like to chatting and commenting on social media platform when they face any problem. They don’t like to call customer service. There are some benefits of using the Artificial Intelligence in customer service.

The AI automatically detects the queries posted by the customers and then arrange those queries as per their importance that means it evaluates which queries should be prioritized.

The AI can detect spams, bots and fake accounts on social Medias.

The AI can be used to track relevant customers and help in interact with them effectively. So AI works great in publicity.

  • Data Interpretation and Data Analysis

The success of any social media marketing campaign depends upon the collection, interpretation, and analysis of various social media platform data. Now, the AI is playing a major role in developing and designing a marketing campaign.  Now there is no need to manually evaluate and interpret the data as the AI is taking this place gradually.

The AI finds the most accurate target audience and caters all the services to them only. In another way it reduces the expenses and enhances the conversions. Nowadays machine learning is growing, and soon the AI will bring some significant changes to social media platform.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in revolutionizing social media marketing

Many authors have been given some important information about the relationship between the Artificial intelligence and human. From them, in 1964 Isaac Asimov had given a significant statement and said time would come when a computer with miniaturized will work as a brain for robots, and that computer will be developed by a human.

Generally, to short out large cluster user-generated information the Artificial intelligence works best in for social networks. It is like the AI is learning very deep to it. Apart from that, the AI can help in product personalization by analyzing previous data, voice and image identification and sentimental analysis. To learn more about AI’s contribution in social media, the following point will explain in detail.

  • AI research for Facebook

Research conducted by some scientists about the relationship of AI with Facebook has given some important facts to it. As per the research report, Artificial intelligence is now enhancing the user’s experience level on Facebook and now it is getting better.

Using the AI, it easy to develop deep learning technologies which can help in sorting out the large database, helps to adjust suggestion in Facebook, filters the news feed as per their importance, gives information about the trending topics and helps in tagging appropriate people in an image. Now there is no need to use manpower for data analysis.  Report shows, everyday Facebook receives more than 800 million users logging in, and that generates a large amount of data. Only the advanced deep learning technology, the AI can handle such amount of data.

  • AI and Google DeepMind

After many evolutions, now the DeepMind program is one of the best artificial agents. It has developed with two machine intelligence, i.e., neural network and reinforcement learning algorithm. To make it simpler, the DeepMind program will help in analyze and explore the patterns. Along with that, the program can learn the existing pattern by which it can develop some high objective. It is a form of new learning which will enhance the capability of AI in future and will help in developing such kind of artificial intelligence program which will work faster and effective to save operational memory.

  • AI and LinkedIn Bright

LinkedIn has introduced a program called bright. It helps candidates to find out jobs. The bright program with the help of machine learning algorithms and find out best job for the candidates. It also automatically detects the hiring pattern history and location of the account holder to give the best result.

  • AI and Pinterest

After a research, Pinterest found that there some areas in which deep learning and introduction of AI in the site will benefit the network. So Pinterest has introduced Kosei.

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