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It becomes difficult to market an online business and attract customers to the e-commerce website than to market a blog or any other kind of website. You need to create a connection between your online business and the customers. This requires a lot of hard work as it is not easy to understand the demand of every customer.

Besides, there are various other factors also that should be considered to get a customer engaged in your e-commerce website. Hence, whether you already have your online e-commerce website or planning to start with one, here are some of the best ways to attract customers to your online e-commerce website:

  1. Creating a connection

It is important for you to realise that customers will not prefer to shop at your online e-commerce website just because of your products. But they will shop at your website due to the connection that you have to build with them somehow. They will prefer to buy from you because of the personality your online website projects.

Therefore the best way to demonstrate this point is to tell your customers about an experience you had in the past which explaining how you developed your business and what all it took to establish it. It could also be anything related to your personal life experience. The key here is to make people want to buy a product from your website and not from the competitors. And to do so, you will need to make your online website stand out to develop a connection.

  1. People do not like to see a sales page on social media channels

Even though marketing our business on social media is the new trend today but just simply posting your business URL on a social media platform will not gain your customers. For one reason, most of the people find it suspicious to find any online business website advertisement on social media. Also, many people do not like the advertisements that flash and keep popping up on such platforms.

People like to visit a social media channel just to get an update on what’s happening with their friends and just to relax. Hence, they do not like being led to another e-commerce site on such channels. So avoid heavy marketing of your e-commerce website on social media channels as not every customer is going to love paying attention to the pop-up advertisements.

  1. Adding more of content (Content marketing)

In this instance, additional content (content marketing) does not mean just the product descriptions, images or videos of the product, etc. For example, nowadays big grocery stores showcase an entire recipe to sell their requisite ingredients to the customers.

In another example, a merchandiser can talk to his customers about the shoe that he wants to sell and show a video which shows how to wear it. Generate user-friendly content. Thus, content marketing can be a great way to attract more of customers to your online e-commerce website.

  1. Use the category page efficiently

Try to sell your customers the benefits of the product and not just its features. In the category page of the product, include the fun element and benefits of the product but ensure that the benefits are listed keeping in mind the choice of the audience. Provide a detailed and unique copy of the category page.

  1. Add the value proposition

It is important for most of the e-commerce websites these days to add value proposition on the website. A good design helps to attract more of customers to the website and the products being sold on it. But still, you should ensure that your website states what you stand for.

  1. Add new filters and categories

Enliven your customer’s browsing experience on your website by adding new categories and filters to your website. A new filter or category will help the customers to find their required and desired product with ease and convenience. They will then not have to search through the entire list of products just to find that one product they are looking for. It will let the customers browse the website by searching for: who they are shopping for, reviews, price, colours, etc.

  1. A good customer service channel

A customer will not just be satisfied by going through the list of FAQs on your website to solve his/her query or doubt. A good customer support service channel like live chat (including video) or even via phone calls will help you to develop a good customer relationship with your customers. You can have a pre-loaded introductory video as well an option to chat with your customers via chat or live video to solve the queries or doubts of your customers.

  1. Keep the content of your website SEO friendly

To allow the search engines to detect your website and have your website placed at a higher rank ensure that the content of your website is placed correctly along with the required keywords.

  1. A fast website

Keep in mind that people do not like to wait if your site takes a lot of time to load. To ensure that the website is not that heavy and the content gets loaded quickly without making the customers wait so that they can explore and check out your website.

  1. Reviews of the customer

The reviews of your previous customers play an important role to grab the attention of the new customer. A good customer review will help to increase your sales by attracting more customers to your website while on the other hand; negative feedback does not necessarily have a negative impact on the sales. The possible positive benefits of negative reviews for your e-commerce website are:

  • Not everyone in the world believes in the positive reviews that they read for a product. In the absence of negative reviews, the customers will assume that all the positive reviews are fake and made up. No service provider or business is 100 percent perfect. Hence, negative reviews help in such a case.
  • At times, people like to read the negative comments and reviews because they already have a positive impression of the product and so want to know more about the probable disadvantages of the product which the seller has not listed.
  • An unfair negative comment will entice the people to reply back and write a positive review of the product and defend it.

Getting quality feedback will also help you to cut back on the number of product returns as well.

  1. Ratings of the customer

Ratings can be given quickly by the customers. It does not require them to log in and is a quick process. So even though ratings are simple and quick, you should ensure that you use simple metaphors to allow the customers to rate the product. For instance, you can use stars (1-5) and thumbs up or down for voting the product.

But don’t just include and use an unusual number of stars, like seven for the ratings which will confuse people. Enable the customers to rate the product by just a simple click and light up the empty stars or any other symbol being used for ratings. Even if the function of ratings is quite simple, you should still describe each level such as ‘Perfect’, ‘Good’ and ‘Miserable’.

Ask the users to rate the product with a direct and precise language. Also, ensure that you communicate clearly and correctly what the users are being asked to rate. Include the ratings on the main description page of the product and also let the users filter the search result page based on the ratings. You can place the ratings close to the product name to help them spot the ratings quickly and easily.

Lastly, when you have considered all the above-mentioned ways, it will become easier to attract customers to your e-commerce website. Just like a blog, if the content of your website is good then the word will eventually spreads out to other people who will eventually help get tons of traffic to your website, without having to spend much on advertisements. In the initial days of starting your e-commerce website, you may not have a lot of customers visiting your website.

But with time, when you consider all of the above aspects, you will find a difference with an increased number of customers visiting your website. The bottom line eventually is to sell more by engaging more customers to your website. So instead of a direct sales pitch, you should show your potential customers that you are a real person and that you care about your products and requirements of the customers.

If you are confused and want to know more about how to become successful in the e-commerce industry, then you can check out some of the tutorials and videos online and strive to make your online e-commerce business website stand out. Let the customers know the positive aspects of your website and attract more sales for your business.

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