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Nowadays, the local competition on web portal is heating up. In such situations, if you are not able to manage your visibility on the search engines, then you are actually surrendering the business to the competitors. Remember, the competitors are always in a mood to overcome your business. If you are not taking necessary steps to improve your local visibility, then there are high chances, you may give up with your online business module soon.

As you know that, Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in ensuring good visibility as well as ranking on the search engines, you need to pay proper attention while handling the SEO techniques. To manage the search engine visibility on global level, you can consider On-site and Off-site SEO strategies. But when you are dealing with Local market competition, you need to go beyond the on-site and Off-site SEO techniques.

The digital marketing experts understood the rising competitions in local market, thus introduced Local SEO strategies. Indeed, the local SEO strategies are pretty unique and impressive as compared to standard SEO norms. The results associated with Local SEO strategies are highly appreciated by the clients.

By implementing local SEO strategies, you can easily improve your visibility and brand reputation on the Search engine result pages. Below here, we have mentioned some necessary tips to implement local SEO techniques for online portals.

  • Craft your title and Meta descriptions carefully

The title and Meta descriptions describe the content of your web pages. These HTML tags are displayed in the search engine results, and are visible to the users. Depending on the authentication of these HTML tags, the users determine whether to visit your webpage or not? Thus, the titles and Meta Descriptions are often termed as mini ads. If you want to drive more and more traffic to your website, then you need to craft the title and Meta descriptions carefully.

Now the question is how to drive local traffic through Title and Meta description. When you are crafting the Title, it is highly recommended to include the name of the city or location in which you are offering services. This will help the users to analyse, whether your services are usable or not. Again, you also need to add the targeted keywords in the Title as well as Meta description. There is no need to waste the space by including the page names on the title. So, try to avoid that, and include as much as informative contents.

  • Use Online directories and Citations

Every time, the user searches for local services, the search engine results reflect the links of online directories. The online directories mainly refer to a single house, under which a number of local businesses are listed. Thus, when you are dealing with local competition, you need to ensure local business listing on online directories.

There are reputed online directories like Merchant circle, Yelp, and others, on which the local businesses are listed. But in order to ensure effective results, you need to list your business on local business directories. So, first you need to find a reliable local business directory, which has good visibility on the search engines. Then list your business in that directory with valid informations.

You can also provide your business details on major Citation data aggregators like Factual, Neustar, Acxiom and others. But make sure that, there are no spelling mistakes or wrong phone number on the business directories and Citations. Remember, if Google gets confused in determining correct information regarding your business, then it may show wrong data to the users.

  • Claim and Optimize Google My Business feature

The best method to ensure exposure in local market is by optimizing your web portal on Google My Business (GMB) directory.  This service is free, but first you have to claim the authentication of your business listing on the GMB directory. You need to visit google.com/business, and should request your claim. Google will send a unique PIN number on your physical location.

You have to enter that particular PIN in order to validate your claim request. After the verification process is over, you need to optimize your information in the GMB directory. Add solid descriptions to categories, types of payment accepted, business hours, photos, logos, and other information related to your business. It is recommended to upload atleast three photos, in order to gain the trust of users.

In case, you don’t want to show your physical location to the users, you can simply modify the configurations on your own. With GMB, you can effectively enhance your visibility in local searches. Just like GMB, Bing has also got its own directory named as Bing places for business. You can also add your business details in Bing’s directory.

  • Focus on Online reviews –

Indeed, the online reviews greatly affect your business visibility on local packs. When a user searches a keyword associated with your online portal, then the GMB directory will reflect your business details along with online reviews. In case, the user is interested in your business, then it’s obvious he/she will start checking the real-time reviews on the directory. Suppose, the reviews are negative, then the response of users will be also negative. Thus, you need to focus on your online reviews in order to compete in the local market.

Mainly, Facebook reviews and Google My Business reviews play an important role in determining the visibility of your web portal. If customers have submitted positive reviews in these online reviewing platforms, then you can ensure positive response from the new users. This will effectively enhance the amount of traffic to your website, and hence the visibility of your website will increase in the Search engines.

In order to ensure more and more online reviews, you need to develop a review seeking feature on your web portal. So, when a user avails your services or products, the reviewing technology will allow the user to convey their reviews in an unbiased manner.

  • Use Local structured Data Mark-up

It has been noticed that only 31% of websites use structured Data Mark-up module in their codes. Basically, the structured Data mark-up refers to Schema mark-up, which are used in the website’s code. These mark-ups are very important for the Search Engine Optimization as they provide valuable business information to Google’s crawler. You can simply add up your local business informations like products you offer, rates, and others. This will help the crawler to understand your business module and thus accordingly, it will manage the visibility of your website on the Search engine.

Using Local structured Data Mark-up in your websites, can be an effective option to overcome the rising competition in the local market. For the convenience of website owners, Google has specially designed a Structured Data Testing tool. In case, you are confused about the implementation of Schema mark-up in your website, you can simply enter the URL of your website in the tool and can test the status of Structured Data Mark-up. If you are not acquainted with coding, then you can also use Google’s Data Highlighter to ensure the Schema mark-up implementation. But before using Data Highlighter, make sure that your website is configured with Google’s search engine console.

  • Be creative with Social Media –

Well, the best way to attract local customers and to enhance the local competition in the market is through Social Media marketing. Nowadays, Social Media plays an important role in managing the SEO. You can easily drive good amount of traffic towards your website through social media marketing.

Mainly, the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter designed their marketing features in such a way that, you can easily target the local market. Again, you can also witness the real-time insights associated with your social media pages, and can manage the marketing strategies accordingly. Share more and more contents regarding your local services, and set the demographics accordingly.

This will greatly help in improving your brand reputation in the local market. It is also recommended to use hashtags in order to convey deeper marketing strategies in future. You can also use paid social media marketing techniques to boost your social contents. So, with social media, it is really easy and flexible to target more number of local users.

Apart from these above techniques, it is also recommended to create highly unique contents with location based keywords. Such kind of contents will make it easy for you to manage the link building process. Thus, you can effectively ensure good visibility on the search engines. Remember, the more you start promoting your contents, that more you can ensure good visibility on the search engines. SEO for local market is pretty complicated as compared to global market, thus you need to pay proper attention while managing the above mentioned techniques. In case, you are confused at some point, then it is recommended to avail necessary consultation services from experienced digital marketing professionals.

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