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In this digital world, a website is a necessity for every business, small or big. If you are having a business and didn’t know about the functions of it, then you are probably losing a huge number of opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish several marketing strategies to enhance the growth rate of the business grows. The best part of the web is about its wider reach which is better than any form of communication or advertising method.

While it takes much time to build up enough traffic to your website to maintain the impact of the marketing campaign, it costs next to nothing to perform these actions on the site. If you are successfully developing a website, then it will be regarded as the company’s online presence, through it, you can advertise your vision along with the products on the social media channels, forums, and other advertising programs.

Increasing the visibility of the site is considered as one of the major factors that make the website vital. Websites provide the map as well as the direction to the company’s vision and mission and will ensure that more and number of visitors are finding your place at first search. To increase the number of the visitors to your site, there are few things to maintain such as the design, layout, pictures and much more. To learn more about the optimization techniques and finding a reason to enhance the number of visitors to your website, here are some methods mentioned below.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Before going deep into the methods, let’s understand about the conversion rate optimization. It is one of the systematic processes, which is used to enhance the percentage of the website’s visitors who take some desired actions such as filling out the forms, later becoming customers, or otherwise. The CRO process helps to understand how a user moves through your website and take certain actions, or stop at a particular point that ultimately fulfills your goals.

The conversion optimization and the term SEO have some symbolic relationship as they rely on each other to perform their functions. For example, no salesperson can perform in an efficient manner until they have a steady flow of customers at their shops. It is true that no call-to-action can drive the conversion without creating traffic to the site.

On the other hand, it is necessary to identify the reasons that drove customers to your site to make the certain conversion, even if you don’t have a good strategy. You might be thinking what kind of conversion the optimization techniques involve. Generally, the conversions are considered as the general term those are used on part of visitor for completing a site goal.

Here, goals are basically coming in various size and shapes. If a target of the site is to sell the products, then the primary goal of the customers is to make the purchase, and this is known as a macro-conversion technique. Apart from this, smaller conversions are also made such as when the user wants to sign up or receive some emails, and it is counted as micro-conversion.

Here are some examples of macro-conversion:

  • Subscribing to any service.
  • Requesting for some quote.
  • Or else purchasing product from some particular site.

Examples of micro-conversion:

  • Creating the account.
  • Signing up for the account or emails lists.
  • Adding products of your choice to the cart.

Addressing both sides of the equation is important as it will give new opportunity to the customers to learn more about your site and you can add more PPC to reach the targeted traffic. If you ignore any of the organic sides of the search, then it will be considered as a foolishness or mistake to lose a golden chance to earn more and more customers for your website. Therefore, here are some points which will help you to understand the importance of the optimization technique that will help you to raise the demand of your site as well as to improve the organic search over time.

Always limit your scope

Google always love that website, which are giving immediate results to the answers. The first pages of search results are loaded with most reliable pages which are capable of giving an answer to your search query. It’s quite difficult to optimize the pages for a broad range of audiences, and often this approach leads to create the poor user experience.

Developers believe that if they will address a wide range of topics on their site, then surely the users will dig the information they need, and this will increase your brand image. But, this so far not true as covering so many topics at a single shot will not fulfill the exact requirement of the visitors.

No one wants to go through the long write-ups and stories; rather they want short and relevant information regarding any topic which can cover all the necessary details without exaggerating the information. Landing pages are the most important part of the entire scenario as it speaks to everyone who visits your site.

When these pages are not well-maintained and have improper layouts and designs, then users will ignore the page in one throw and will move further. Therefore, sharpening up your focus is regarded as a top-down process that will help in structuring your website. If you are not aware of the SEO silos, then it’s high time to read them up.

In today’s world, how well you can manage your site to make it in the top searching options of Google is the first requirement of every business heads. The search engine crawls through your site and begins to find relevant information from it. This can be possible by the “silos’, which will give your contents a natural place to exist on your website.

Focus on customer’s requirements and clearly mentions what are things you need to convey them. There should be some mutual conversation between you both so that they can easily grab your intention without making any further searching.

Try to minimize the form fields

It is always advised to reduce the unnecessary form fields that are available in your website. Don’t you want to make the work easy? If yes, then try not to add so many fields in a single page such as the name of the company, zip code, CVV code, password, email id, credit card number, reconfirmation, and much more.

All these things will not resolve your problems; rather it will add extra burdens to your account and will result in attracting less number of visitors to your site. Therefore, the companies are therefore adopting a new method to minimize the fields to at least 4 fields, which thereby increase the conversion rate to 160%.

Use matching colors for your call-to-action button

Well, it’s true that design of the website is one of major concern for every business holders. You may have long case study regarding the features and benefits about a certain topic, and suddenly, you find an attractive button in the page, then automatically you get diverted from the long text and switch to that option. Isn’t true?

Therefore, it is essential to put the pops up that will suit your background as well as the content part where you are using it. Unnecessary use of these buttons won’t work until they have some fix ideas behind it. So, using these buttons will increase the conversion rate to 32% for performable, and taking better contrast will surely attract visitors to your site.

Don’t use cheesy stock photos

There is nothing more crucial than the quality. The look of the website is, therefore, matters the most as it will help in enhancing the credibility of the site. It is essential to remember that the purpose of the site is not to look pretty, rather achieve particular goals. As per the market experiments and case study, the conversion rates of the website are increased mainly due to the quality of pictures you are using.

Often, users neglect the cheesy pictures that are highlighted on the landing page and this leads to restricting them from visiting the site further. Focusing on the recent demands and situations, it is, therefore, necessary to use appropriate pictures on the website which must be capable of signifying the intention of your vision and should be real in nature to promote the business.

Relationship between the landing page and conversion rate optimization

The quality of the landing pages has a huge significance on the conversion rate. Just think, if the client stumbles across your page and didn’t find any relevant data from it, then they will return from that search and you will lose that lead. The negative impacts won’t stop here. Poorly constructed landing pages will also lead to decrease the brand image, which in turn will increase your cost per action, cost per click as well as will reduce the rank.

Therefore the landing pages must have some eye-catching contents to hold the user at your site for some time. The content should be concise and should clearly communicate what you want to speak in terms of words. The good quality of form with less number of fields will definitely work better and clients will surely be overwhelmed with your approach.

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