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With the rapidly advancing technology in the world, conventional methods are no more considered for use. There have been extensive studies that state that there is an increase in the demand for the industry of digital marketing which is currently exploding at a rate of 40 percent growth. On the other hand, various other industries are striving hard to obtain a growth rate of 5 percent to 10 percent.

The firm establishment of transformation in the digital sector has made circumstances very obvious in the Indian market. The career in the digital marketing sector was no existing before four years the users of the internet could only account to only one percent of the 43 percent of users of the internet platform in the year 2015. Moreover, there has been a major shift in the jobs in the sector of digital marketing in a prominent way.

The rate of growth that was observed in the year 2015 was 15 percent whereas there was a report that stated the rate of growth as 75 percent in the year 2016. This information also resonated with the facts of Holmes report and PRCA report. With the escalating growth of digitization, it can be stated that there are enormous opportunities available for almost every individuals belonging to every field.

The sector might be related to the education by students, marketing sector for sales professionals, and overall business arena for young and budding entrepreneurs, etc. It has been observed that there has been an ever-growing enhancement in demand for digital marketing among students as well as professionals.

Career opportunities in the sector of Digital Marketing

According to the information stated by Times of India, in the year 2016, the demand of many jobs in the digital marketing sector was prevalent which had the potential of recruiting around 1.5 lakh people and contribute on a large scale to the global employment. This entailed in facilitating numerous jobs in the various sectors which can integrate the aspect of digital marketing. Individuals cannot apply for different opportunities of jobs as career prospects in the field of digital marketing that ranges from analytics to technical aspects which further extended to the skilled and experienced professionals in the digital marketing field.

Why opt for a career in digital marketing 

Experts and professionals from various industries can be hired in the field of digital marketing for strengthening the delivery as well as a team of management in various business organizations. The experts from non-industry can also be recruited for obtaining a fresh set of skills and thought process that will assist in proving to be table turners in the ever alerting environment. Moreover, fresh trainees of management in this sector will contribute a great deal in various sectors.

Top jobs in the field of digital or online marketing

The demand for the knowledgeable and skilled professionals in the space of online marketing has constantly been in rising across the world. Be it Dubai in the United Arab Emirates or Singapore in Asia, the platform of digital space has the similar type of jobs and needs. Most of the popular jobs that provide great scope of recruitment on the online or digital marketing are included in the following sections:

Brand marketing, analytics, content strategist, and optimization of conversion rate, Management or planning of project on the digital platform, manager of digital media, strategist of digital marketing, ecommerce specialist, search engine optimization expert, web designer, and marketer of social media.

How to identify opportunity in the digital marketing sector

Individuals are now getting acquainted with the significance of digital skills and can very closely feel the revolution in the digital marketing sector. However, they are struggling regarding the ways to identify the challenges that happen to stop an individual from establishing a career in the sector of digital marketing. There are two prime reasons due to which the aspiring individuals are not able to turn up into a professional in this field which are:

  1. They happen to have no or little knowledge regarding the real opportunities and scope in the sector of digital marketing.
  2. The failure in the effective execution of the campaigns of digital marketing.

The significance of digital marketing

The extensive demand for marketing on the digital platform is very high. Below are some professional areas wherein Digital marketing has the potential to contribute a lot.

  1. Sales professionals

The basics of selling any product have also evolved with changing times and trends in the last years. Professionals in the sales industry are very active in regards to undergoing the various courses of digital marketing for learning all the aspects including the techniques, methods to grab better opportunities.

  • For sales professionals at entry level

It facilitates various opportunities for the fresher in the sales profession in the case they happen to consider undergoing any course of digital marketing. These courses of digital marketing assist them in developing various skills of digital marketing for having a   successful career in the field.

  • For the sales professionals at a senior level

By undertaking various courses of digital marketing, seniors in the field of sales professionals are optimizing their growth in career. The course of digital marketing has many significant roles in playing in the profile of sales. For instance, any professionals in the sales sector can happen to pitch on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to engage with the customers.

  1. IT Professionals

Professionals and students in huge number, belonging to the Technology and IT background prefer to undergo a course of digital marketing as they happen to observe escalating significance value of digital skills. Most of them are undertaking this field as a career. The key reason is in the case IT professionals, mostly the individuals providing a review to the clients have awareness about the all the aspects of digital media, they happen to be more valuable for the business organization. The requirement that is prominent in the current times is the integration of IT solutions along with the aspects of digital media.

  1. Marketing professionals

Marketing on the platform of billboards against conducting marketing campaigns on the Facebook platform is where individuals get confused.  Smart people will prefer for conducting marketing campaigns over the social media platforms like Facebook. There has been a prominent shift in the manner products marketed in the past six years.

This is one of the primary reasons that digital marketing has turned out to be one of the most preferable and sought after skills for any marketing professional who happens to have something for working on regarding public relations, communication, and media. Doing any course of digital marketing assists in exponentially enhancing the salary as well as provides many career opportunities.

  1. Students

Digital marketing is considered among the best direction for the students to pursue. This is the applicable to both short-term and term prospects. The type of salary and the position that is offered in the industry of digital marketing is one of the key aspects that attract students.

  1. Entrepreneurs

For the aspiring as well as ongoing entrepreneurs, acquisition of customers has been the priority. Customer acquisition will definitely turn out to be a daunting task without getting any support or assistance from social media. This is one of the prime reasons due to which most of the entrepreneurs and business owners are undertaking the digital courses. By such varying aspects, digital marketing is considered among the most valuable skills that every entrepreneur requires for acquiring at present times.

Sets of skills that are in focus

The sector of digital marketing is evolving and new. A business organization in all over the world is investing a huge amount of funding to recruit the best of the aspiring candidates and professionals along with the experts in the industry for optimizing all of their business resources. To work in the profile of digital marketer for various business organizations, aspiring candidates need to have an enhanced comprehension of the Search engine optimization and SEM techniques. The aspiring candidates need to be very creative in the content of production for different platforms of social media.

Trends in hiring for the year 2018

Many startups are beginning and will continue to add increased emphasis on recruiting people who happen to be passionate about technology. These business organizations also are willing to hire candidates who can connect the needs of the business of a company with the solutions that are available regarding technology. They also prefer the candidates to have passion and love for learning many aspects of data and also to unlearn the obsolete paradigms.

The requirement of solution provider along with people who are driven by data will grow in the industry. As there is an increasing need for rebooting the digital strategy with the approach of marketing that is truly data-driven. The requirement of media professionals and data analyst will increase which would include the candidates who shall be able to comprehend the database of the user.

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