StanChart’s Digital Marketing Head Damien Cummings Said Marketers Are Required to be Forced New Technology

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As per a recent statement by the head of digital marketing at Standard Charted Bank that marketers must be forced to use new technologies, which have been introduced to their companies, failing which it will fail.

Damien Cummings was talking on a penal at ATS Singapore conference. He further said that the performance of marketers should be measured against the newly introduced technologies. In the other case investment will be wasted and the employees will simply go back to their day jobs.

Cummings has over 20 years of experience in new technology. He worked for Philips before he joined Standard Charted more than a year ago. He said “Unless you systematically force people to use it and change their KPIs and go through that pain period of getting used to a new way of working, it will inevitably fail.”

Example has been used by Cummings of a social media tool, which his company has deployed. The tool is named as Sprinkls, which according to him is used by only six out of 400 marketers. Therefore, a new marketing academy is being rolled out by StanChart in order to ensure its marketers actively used and are familiar with all the company’s tools.

Ciaran O’Kane , the CEO of Exchangewire, who was the organizer of ATS Singapore and the penal moderator had asked Cumming what to do when a piece of tech is obsolete.

Cummings responded and said, “To make things more complicated, every time we buy a new piece of kit we’ve got to get rid of the last one,”  He added that staff “get really upset” at the time when they are told that they require to learn about and use a new solution.

According to him, it should be the task of tech vendors to assist sell in the new technology and also to help with change management; however, he said this never takes place. He added, “It really is a fast and loose process. What I generally do now is I tell people [tech vendors] our strategy, tell them about the KPIs we have for the next few years, and say how can you help me.”

He further said, “I think now you need a marketing plan and a tech plan as well. You need to look at where your contracts start and stop, and figure out how risky the change is.”

He further propose, “Even if there’s an amazing piece of kit that’s 20 times better than what I already have, is it worth my time and my reputation to piss off everyone in my organization to get rid of last piece of kit?” “If you’re an agency or if you’re a tech vendor, you need to tell me how I can on-board the tech, not how much it costs,” he said.

“Help me sell in the process and get rid of the last piece of technology. Tell me when you’re going to be obsolete and give me a roadmap over the next 12-18-24 months to let me know how the technology landscape is going to change.”

He added, “no one does it,” “That’s what marketers tend to do on our side.”

Finally, he said, “Marketers tend to be people who get stuck in millions of internal meetings, we get stuck with all this change management stuff. We get left with the dirty laundry of tech vendors and agencies,”

Cummings was behind introducing of a digital command centre that was called the conversation Engine at Phillips the year 2014.

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