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Every year, the E-commerce market is improving with innovative technologies and customer friendly attributes. 2017 seemed to be a great year for E-commerce, as the overall sales increased by 36% globally. Keeping the insights of 2017 in mind, it is highly predicted that, 2018 will bring adequate profit to the marketplaces. Both merchants and customers will be benefited from the necessary market changes.

The experts predict that there will be a rise upto 50 -60% in the E-commerce sales in 2018. Indeed, the statistics refer to some big numbers in 2018. Again, it is also predicted that, more and more entrepreneurs will be attracted towards the E-commerce market, despite of the typical complications. Mainly, the entrepreneurs, who have been trying to set and launch their E-commerce store, will definitely start their venture in 2018.

With the implementation of different technologies, it will be now easier for the customers to manage their online shopping. Thus, there will be an increase of 40% in the customer’s ratio. After doing a keen research on the previous year statistics, the experts have prepared an efficient prediction report of E-commerce market in 2018. Just go through the below mentioned trends in order to understand the Future of E-commerce in 2018.

Increase in mobile shopping:

This is one of the most obvious trends, which is going to be reflected in 2018. As per the insights of previous year reports, the mobile shipping increases 59% in every year. According to that, there will be more shopping from mobile devices in 2018, as compared to desktops.

Thus, if you are planning to initiate your E-commerce venture, then you need to focus on the mobile applications and marketing strategies. Make sure that, your E-commerce website is responsive and user-friendly. Again, do not forget to avail the mobile SEO services, to enhance the visibility of online store.

B2B E-commerce will grow:

Towards the end of 2017, it has been observed that many entrepreneurs introduced their innovative E-commerce stores to the market. As the sales statistics are predicted to surpass $ 1 trillion by 2020, it is for sure that, more merchants will opt for E-commerce business in 2018.

Thus, the purchasing process and bulk shipping procedures will be maintained in a streamlined manner. If you are an aspiring merchant, then it is recommended to design an attractive E-commerce platform with all necessary features. No matter, how difficult it may seem, you should not leave the game in the middle. Have some good patience and start exploring the marketplaces.

Faster and smarter AI enabled E-commerce platforms:

The AI-powered chatbots are highly gaining attention in the E-commerce market. The customers nowadays greatly prefer to seek help from the chatbots during online shopping. It is predicted that 80% of E-commerce businesses will adopt the trend of chatbots by 2020.

So, the customers will experience improved customer support services in 2018. Apart from AI enabled chatbots, the E-commerce platforms will also include opportunities for Blockchain Technology. Thus, the future of online shopping in 2018 will experience some unique automation features.

Personal recommendation Technology for customers:

It is expected that the AI features will ensure personal recommendations to the customers during online shopping. At present, the E-commerce platforms are reflecting some versions of suggested recommendations, but in 2018, that’s going to improve a lot with more personalization features.

The Artificial Intelligence will observe the buying habits of customers and will accordingly personalize the recommendations. Thus, it will be easier for the brands to display products as per the intention of customers. Apart from that, the return policies and shipping regulations will be more flexible. So, 2018 will ensure smoother online journey for customers.

Attractive subscription models:

The concept of subscription box models is not new in the E-commerce market. This is one of the traditional E-commerce techniques to attract the customers towards the products. It is predicted that the marketplaces will introduce attractive offers with the subscription models so that more and more customers will avail the subscriptions. Probably, this is the best thing, which the entrepreneurs need to follow to adapt and sustain in the market. If you are about to launch your E-commerce platform in 2018, then do not forget to add the subscription box.

Video contents will play an important role:

Well, content has always been the king of Digital marketing. As the number of online users increases upto 35% every year, the usage of video contents is also increasing. It has been observed that the customers are now more attracted towards the video marketing strategies.

If the video has some good contents, then there are high chances that, the content will influence the interest of users. So, in 2018, the E-commerce market will be dependent on video contents. So, do not forget to create good quality videos with attractive contents. It is recommended to consult with reputed digital marketing firms to ensure effective video marketing strategies.

There will be more attractive offers in holiday seasons:

Though the customers manage the online shopping from their home or offices without standing on long queues, still they love the holiday season offers on online stores. It has been observed that the online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday has been very influencing.

It is like; the customers are keenly waiting for these holiday offers. Again, the statistic reports also suggest that November seems to be the perfect time to introduce attractive offers and discounts. So, consider the holiday seasons before introducing attractive discounts and offers.

Focus will be more on the User-generated contents:

The user-generated contents can greatly enhance your sales ratio upto 30-40%. Apart from enhancing the sales, the UGC will also offer you necessary feedbacks for your products. In general, the customers find it trustable to browse to UGC of E-commerce stores. Again, there are high chances that the customers will convert after interacting with the UGC contents.

So, if you are planning to invest in the E-commerce business, then make sure that you have got attractive UGC contents on your board. You can simply ensure UGC contents through social shares, reviews on your website and other reviewing platforms. The scrolling carousels also highly attract the customers in choosing the products, so it will be a wise decision to bet on User-generated contents.

Significant rise in V-commerce:

Mainly V-commerce refers to virtual and augmented reality. Though these technologies are still in progress, they can greatly ensure you enhanced sales. Customers always look up for new and effective user experience during online shopping.

According to statistics reports, if the V-commerce will be maintained in a low frequency, then it has the capability to surpass $2.5 billion in a year. But if you are implementing V-commerce in high commerce, then the sales can go upto $12.6 dollars per year. Well, the numbers look so fascinating; you can definitely make some investments on V-commerce.

Can be a bigger year for Amazon:

Amazon has been always improvising its technology in order to ensure smooth user experience to the customers. Jeff Bezos is keenly looking for international expansions with voice-activated shopping methods. Amazon is dedicatedly designing its platform, so that it will be much more flexible for the merchants to do the business.

There is no doubt that, Amazon will grow a lot in 2018 and will give a tough competition to Walmart. If you are merchant, and looking for an efficient marketplace, then it is recommended to try a hand with AMAZON.

Great boom in China’s E-commerce:

The 2106 and 2017 E-commerce reports of China suggest that it will efficiently bloom in 2018 also. Chinese E-commerce market is one of the giant E-commerce markets in world. Around 95% of online users prefer to browse the E-commerce stores via mobile. So, mobile shopping is going to play an important role in enhancing the Chinese E-commerce market.

In case, you are looking to place your products on Chinese marketplaces, then make sure that your products are localized as per the Chinese market. You can consult with the local professionals in order to get good idea about the Chinese E-commerce market.

These are some of the important predictions of the E-commerce market in 2018. In short, it can be said that 2018 is going to be something bigger regarding both sales and technology. There will be some developments in technology, as the customers are highly looking for the smoother online shopping experience.

Remember one thing, the more you will allow the customers to explore your products, the more they will return to your store. So, always try to offer new and fresh ways to attract the customers. Indeed, the market is going to be very competitive in 2018, so it’s better to be more professional.

It is recommended to avail services from the reputed Digital marketers. Plan out feasible strategies to grow and sustain in the competitive market. Make sure that, you are making necessary changes, as per the demands of customers. That’s the only effective way to rule the E-commerce market in 2018.

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