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Search Engine Optimization has a very in-depth history. However, the concept is not new in the world of technology.  Right before it entered the technical world, it was a simple content matter. If it was given an opportunity, many individuals would choose for skipping certain aspects that would be very challenging so as to obtain the goals. In the matter of SEO or search engine optimization, businesses that are conducted on the online media may select for skipping the ethical steps which result to a marketing campaign with a great deal of success. These business organizations fall for worse practices which commit faster and easier ways regarding attainment of success.  However, such unethical techniques can also result in end for any business.

The key objective of the search engine optimization is to enhance the rankling of a website in the results page of search engine. According to the objective, attaining this target is a daunting task. Attaining the position of a leader in the ranking of the website consumes a great deal of effort and time. This is mostly the reason why most of the users  make effort in  increasing the speed of the entire process by experimenting with the system and giving in to the altering tricks  which is known as black hat Search engine optimization. These techniques of search engine optimization are considered to have unethical by character come in different forms and varieties. Most of the forms are stuffing of the keywords, page cloaking, and neighborhoods and use of text that are in invisible.

However, on the other hand, there is existence of white hat search engine optimization that is consisting of the ethical techniques of search engine optimization. While comparing both the techniques of search engine optimization, white hat search engine optimization is observed to be more effort and time consuming as it depends on the repetition and consistency of succeeding. However, the tactics of white hat are more effective and favorable in the long run.

The difference between white hat search engine optimization and black hat search engine optimization mainly lies within the techniques that are used while making efforts to enhance the ranking of any website on any search engine.

Black hat  search engine optimization refers to the strategies and techniques that are used for obtaining higher  rankings  on the search engine and violating the rules of  search engine. Black hat search engine optimization concentrates in the search engine only and not much on the human audience. The search engine optimization of black hat is conventionally used buy the individuals and business organizations who happen to look for a fast return on their website instead of desiring a sustainable investment in the website. Certain techniques are used in the black hat search engine optimizations which include framing of link, stuffing of the keyword, hidden links and texts, along with spamming of the blog content. Outcomes of  black hat  search engine optimization can  potentially  have implications on the website  to be banned from any search engine  along with getting de-indexed  in the form of  a penalization  for using  techniques that re  highly unethical. While that search engine optimization denotes to the application of strategies and techniques which target an audience of human as compared to the search engine.  The techniques that are used in such cases are conventionally used in the white hat search engine optimization encompass analysis of keywords, keywords, conduction of research,  rewriting of  meat  tags  so as to make them more suitable and relevant. This also includes building of links, back linking, along with writing content for the readers or human audience. Individuals who happen to use white hat search engine optimization expect of making investments that are long termed on their official website as the outcomes last for longer duration of time.

Business organizations that use black hat search engine optimization can be stated as the outlaws of the platform of internet as they depend on the techniques which are rule breaking for earning higher rankings. Certain techniques that are used in the black hat search engine optimization are:

Unrelated keywords:  These unethical practitioners add keywords which have no association to the content. This can be termed as a red flag for various search engines due to the unnatural look that is provides.

Automation of content: Every individual can identify a bot comment in an instant. Though the text of the comment contains some keywords which will assist in getting higher rank, it is generated in a random manner which creates no sense to the audience. Moreover, the search engine identifies this.

Cloaking:  This is a highly deceptive strategy which involves presenting the search engine and visitors in a very different content. The objective is regarding deceiving the search engines such that the display a Unique resource locator when the content will not be displayed otherwise.

 Doorway pages: Doorway pages are fake pages which are overloaded with various keywords which make them more convenient and easier for them to be found by the search engines. However, after being clicked for once, these pages automatically direct the users to a different page and hence are meaningless.

Invisible links or text: Another most common technique of black hat is associated with hiding the links or texts within the prepared content in order for improving the rankings. Certain ways through which individuals do this is by including a white background with white text on it. This is done by setting the font size to 0. One can also do this by burying the link in a tiny character.

Features of white hat search engine optimization

You shall find the mostly successful companies to choose the techniques of white hat  in the search efforts due to the  focus of the strategy on the building of the site  more visible with the help of organic and high quality link building. Here are some features that can assist in earning a highly standardized white hat:

  • Effective keyword use and research: Though the stuffing of the keyword is not appreciated, the keywords have a high value when they are used in the correct manner. The site needs to be focused regarding the relevant keywords set. You can also recognize very effective words by making a research of the phrases or keywords that you consider people to use while searching for the site. You need to consider that the single words will not be much effective, hence, cannot be treated to be the target. The keywords that have multiple words can be very effective in having a high rank.
  • High quality of content:  In order to create a content of high value for the specified customer segment is conventionally worthy of link and share which are the prime ingredients while driving the traffic. The content needs to be highly relevant and original to the niche along with having no errors regarding the grammar or spelling.
  • Internal links: Making links to the content within the website is a very good indicator of the fact that the content that the site has gained a lot of value till the extent of overstuffing it. It is always good to have three or two links to referred pages within the website.
  • Relevant back links: Search engines like Google appreciates to find links that lead back to the original website as it acts as a vote of higher confidence. If you happen to have other websites linked to you, it denotes to the fact that you have very good quality content and hence, will generate great amount of benefit along with higher rankings of search. Considering the fact that there are various links that are good and bad ,you will definitely  want to ensure that  the links of offsite are highly relevant and provide same quality.
  • Meta description:  The meta description of the website  is  devoted to the first sentences which appear  in the result if the search under the title of the page and the  most effective ones  are generally written for the  individual  and not for the  search engines. To describe in other words, the content should not be overstuffed with many keywords altogether.

While the strategies of the black hat and white hat  search engine optimization have a common goal which is to enhance the visibility of a website, they utilize a different strategy. A merit of integrating black hat search engine optimization is that you can gain fast success that will be limited to short term through increased traffic. However, Google penalties are turning to be more sophisticated with increased time. This can have devastating implications on the site. By considering the phrase of “Google it”, one needs to be able to index out the website. This is the prime reason why the marketers of business organizations are choosing for the white hat search engine optimization while entering the world of search engine optimization. Though it will take much time to get the outcomes, the entire strategy will concentrate on developing the search performance.

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