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Video marketing is a simple way in which we can use video to promote or market your brand, service or product. It is a kind of forward-facing marketing strategy which integrates engaging video into the campaign. This can be used for everything starting from building customer rapport to promote your brand, services or products. It can help as a medium to present about how to promote the customer testimonials, live-stream events, and viral entertaining content.

How Video Marketing Works?

The work of video marketing is a simple and main motive to create a video of your band is to promote the company, drive sales, awareness about your products or services, and to involve customers in your company. Video marketing is little complicated concerning other types of marketing as it requires huge data and you need to monitor some metrics and have to track the customer engagement.

How to develop Video marketing strategy?

If you want to develop video marketing strategy then you will have to do the following things:

  • To allocate resources –

When you are opting for video marketing, you need to allocate some budget for the video. This budget should include decent equipment. A good video marketing team, good editing software and an amount of time required to create it.

  • Say your stories –

Telling stories in the video is the main part of the video marketing. You need to have a good script and have to deliver the story in a way that it will reach the desired customers. The plan for storytelling must include what stories you want to say? How will you represent the story?

  • Engage the audience –

Telling the story to the audience is not enough in this marketing. You have to keep the audience engaged until the end of your story so that they will get the idea what you want to convey to them through the video. You have to plan the sequence of your storytelling in the correct order so that it will not make audience bore.

  • Keep it Short –

Usually; there is no time limit for the marketing videos. To get the desired result, it is always advised to keep the video short and informative. The consumer is not interested in watching a long marketing video, so you need to give all the information and ideas about your company or product in short time and in a way that audience will get the whole idea in that short video.

  • Publish the video –

If you want a larger audience for your video, then you have to publish the video far and wide. There are many social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more. You can use this media to upload your video and can have a huge range of audience for your video.

Examples of Video Marketing

Video marketing is now the trend in this modern world. You can see a lot of video marketing that take place over the Internet. All the brands and companies take the help of social media platforms like YouTube, a Facebook page to promote their video. This type of promotion is very successful, and video marketing gives these companies a huge range of audience as well.

You can see some examples of perfect video marketing by checking some list like List of enjoyable video marketing campaigns from Hubspot, 10 great examples from Forbes or 17 great examples from Big Commerce.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are many benefits of video marketing as they help a company or product to increase their audience base. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Connect with your audience –

Video marketing helps you to get connect with your audience. The company gives importance in marketing efforts so that they can build a trust between the product and the consumer. The video is that bridge which helps to build this trust and faith and allow the audience to know the product or company in a very well manner.

  • The video acts as Gold Mine for SEO –

Video helps in building the backlinks to your site by boosting the likes and shares, and it will help to drive traffic to your site. It helps in increasing the search engine ranking, click-through rates, open rates and conversions. In order to reach your target amount of audience, you have to take the help of second largest search engine YouTube. You have to post your video to YouTube and have to tag the keywords.

  • Video boost information retention –

If the customer listens somethings, then it might be possible that the customer is likely to retain a small amount of information for about 10 percent. If your video has some relevant imagery along with stories, then it can help the customer to retain atleast 65 percent of information after three days also.

  • Videos are sharing platforms –

There are many platforms to share your video. YouTube which is the second largest search engine can be the main source of your video sharing. You can have your video on television, video boards and street marketing as another source of sharing platforms. With the availability of smartphones, consumers can access this video anytime, anywhere and in an easy way.

  • Emotional touch through video –

Video allows you to make a direct appeal to the emotional center of the customer’s brain. This can be achieved through music and you can also have a human concept in the video which can have a good influence than reading the facts in the form of text.

  • Customer love video –

During the year 2017, video content account for about 74 percent of all the online traffic. A good video marketing can help you in getting new visitors.

  • Product video –

A report said that four times of many customers prefer to watch a product video than reading the product descriptions.

  • Email –

It is seen that email which contains subject lines as “video” has been seen to be opened. About 19 percent customers open the link and a 65 percent boost in click-throughs.

Challenges of Video Marketing

The video is believed to be an important part of the marketing strategy, but the marketing teams face challenges when they do video marketing. The main problem is to produce and distribute the video. When this thing become right then, it can help in engage the customers. Educate them, drive conversions and many more. Some of the issue that is faced while video marketing are:

  • NO strategy –

According to a survey of 48 percent respondents show that there is lack of proper strategy and it is the largest factor for failure in video marketing. If the approach is not in place then not only your program will not work but also you will be in dark. In order to avoid this, you need to identify the purpose of your video marketing efforts.

  • The inadequate budget for the video –

The biggest issue of the video marketing is about the inadequate budget. About 39 percent of respondents said that they face this challenge and video marketing needs some amount of resources. If you want to gain some budget for your video, you need to make an appeal to the C-suite and this is the best effective way to promote video marketing strategy.

  • Lack of good content –

It is another issue which takes the video promoters to back a step. Due to bad content, your video may not be popular with the customers and you may lose the audience due to this factor. To increase the customer base for the product or company you need to have a good content and this will help you to connect with your customers in a great way.

  • Lack of metrics –

Using of metrics in the video marketing is a critical part. Like no strategy for your video take you to no roadmap like that lack of metrics will give you no indication about the ideas that used in the video are working or not. According to a survey, about 30 percent of respondents say they lack metrics and the biggest challenge they face. To get the desired amount in video marketing, you will need to invest in a dedicated video analytics platform like Vidyard which provide accurate data for your video.

This shows us that the Video marketing plays an important role in the marketing strategy. There are many ways for the marketing, but this strategy proves to be better than another strategy. You can use television to Social media platforms to promote your brand or business, and you can have your desired result.

You can reach a large base of the audience through this as video marketing can be published as far and wide around the world. The only things you need to look over is about the hurdles that can come while you are going for a video marketing. If you can overcome this hurdle, then you can have a successful video marketing experience, and this will help you to build a huge audience base.


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